CLAIM (CLinical Accounting InforMation) is a means of data interchange that links electronic medical chart and clinical accounting systems. Currently, two modules are defined (appointment request module and point/monetary amount module, hereinafter jointly referred to as CLAIM modules). The target of data construction with CLAIM is medical care information that is needed in medical requests. However, the sending of medical codes is a prerequisite; information needed to select a medical code (for example, during wound treatment, information on the length of a wound) is not sent to the clinical accounting system.

These specifications are subordinate to Version 2.3 of the MML specifications, which are under the control of the MedXML Consortium [1]. The CLAIM modules defined in the CLAIM specifications can be handled similarly to the MML modules defined in the MML specifications. Thus, all specifications established in MML apply to CLAIM as well. In principle, independent CLAIM definitions that are not included in the MML specifications are included in these specifications.

The CLAIM modules are used under the exact same standards as the MML modules in the MML instance. In other words, the CLAIM modules are placed below the MmlBody- MmlModuleItem- content element. Furthermore, for each content there is always a single CLAIM module.

Just as an MML instance consists of at least one module, at least one CLAIM module can appear in a single MML instance. It is also possible to coexist with another MML module.

For the Prefix character string of the XML Namespace to be used with the CLAIM module, the Prefix character string that is used with these specifications is recommended. Application is operated in accordance with XML Namespace standards.

Although this document explains CLAIM standards, it is written based on the assumption that the reader has general knowledge of XML. For more information on XML, see Reference documents [2], [3], and [4].

The only organization that controls CLAIM is the MedXML Consortium. All CLAIM-related copyrights belong to the MedXML Consortium.

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